Top Lounges Atelier (visit Kasarmikatu 27 B)


The 150m2 lofted high space complex with fireplaces and sofa lounges is a high-level "hidden place" in the middle of everything. This space is designed for management group level meetings and dinners, of course perfectly suited also for versatile trainings, etc.


It also works great for workshop use when the Top Lounges Idea box is connected to the space and it is possible to spread out for effective group work (the Idea Box is located directly below the Atelier space).


Both space complexes fulfill even the most demanding wishes, which are crowned by the highly praised and awarded Top Lounges catering and Top Lounges staff tuned to their peak.


Ps. and if you want to go to the sauna for the evening, you can go to the Top Lounges Penthouse in the same property!

Top Lounges Atelier offers you a great setting for your events. The central location and the award-winning facilities in the middle of everything, in your own peace, combined with our praised kitchen and service and, if you wish, excellent side programs guarantee you a successful occasion.


Our diverse and high-quality program services crown successful events - Our country's best performers in music, magic and comedy can be found in the selections. Various themed programs and activities are also available, both inside and outside, or even sailing directly from the Market Square... It's worth asking about the programs, you can find everything!


It is also easy to reach the destination by public transport. The range of hotels within walking distance is wide and high-quality, and for those arriving by car, Aimo Park's spacious hall (Kasarmintori or Erottaja) can be found very close by, where you can get a -20% discount from us. (no parking problems!).


The Top Lounges Penthouse, Atelier and Idea Box spaces are all located in the same building, and it is easy to use the spaces even when the day's program changes!

The old Wasa Bank building full of stories

The Esplanade park has always been the heart of the city, and the building built by Wasa Aktiebank at the end of the 1800s has seen its many stories. The more than 100-year-old building has nested, year after another, successful companies from banks to maritime insurance providers. The juiciest stories surely originate from the penthouse, which Nokia Oy renovated as the event facilities for its management team during the company’s boom years. Only to see the Douglas fir floor with the boat deck puttying is worth it, and the floor probably could tell a story or two about the owners’ soirées.

Today the Wasa Bank building is part of a series of buildings encompassing the laid back park ambience of the Helsinki Esplanade. The buildings along the Esplanade have been among the most esteemed and interesting architecture of their time, and they were built to serve the needs of businesses and to bring profit within the rules of business economics. As a member of this group, the Wasa Bank building represents the international architectural movements of its time in a fresh, elegant and even exotic manner. Decade after decade, this subtly and delicately decorated building has captivated successful and dynamic companies and offered them beautiful surroundings for profitable business activities.

Atelier table setups

max 21 (22) seats

adjustable table length


Top Lounges Atelier (Kasarmikatu 27 B)