Top Lounges services

Planning and execution for occasions and events → Own venues and Top Longues own staff → Program services → Catering – Food and drinks → Business gifts → Promotional products

With these services, the desired occasion you want can be built. Of course, all services and products can also be implemented individually and also not venue-bound. Our award-winning quality and service make it easy for our customers to find the best solutions for their various occasions.

Top Lounges plans and organizes the events as a turnkey service.

Meetings, trainings, press events, promotions, parties, social receptions, workplace well-being days, sauna events and many more, as well as the combinations of the aforementioned.

We always consider our customers’ needs and offer our long-time expertise and best contacts within the industry at your disposal.

Our activities are focused on the capital region, but we also offer countrywide services and diverse events even abroad are included in our offering.

Seminars and concerts for as many as 400 persons

We can help you to organize effective seminars and enjoyable concerts even for a large number of guests. Find out more about our venues through the menu

Our philosophy is to make things easier for our clients and to always do that little bit extra.

We doubt that anyone has reached perfection yet, but that is our goal and we know we are not far from it. Our customer feedback is excellent and we have received several number-one awards and five-star ratings from secretaries' associations. That is why we are glad to also welcome our new customers to experience the services and quality of Top Lounges.

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