The Astoria-hall event space is perfectly suited for diverse and best occasions


Astoria's spacious main hall is excellently suitable for many kinds of events - Meetings, trainings, seminars, press releases, promos, trade fairs and parties are perfect here.


The spectacular hall, which is more than eight meters high, has a large performance stage and a rising loft, which is suitable for enjoying appetizers, for example.


Built in 1919, the hall represents the neoclassical style and on the walls and ceiling there are decorative ornaments that belong to the spirit of the time and, for example, the floor of the hall is the original oak parquet. The premises have been elegantly restored throughout, respecting the original.


Our versatile and high-quality program services crown successful events in Astoria - The selections feature our country's best performers in music, magic and comedy. Various themed programs and activities are also available, both inside and outside, or even sailing directly from the Market Square... It's worth asking about the programs, you can find everything!


It is also easy to reach the destination by public transport. The range of hotels within walking distance is wide and high-quality, and for those arriving by car, Aimo Park's spacious hall (Kasarmintori or Erottaja) can be found very close by, where you can get a -20% discount from us. (no parking problems!).


Astoria has excellent, modern technical equipment:

  • Close-up projection FullHd Video cannon (main hall)
  • Video Cannon (Astor Cabinet)
  • Sennheiser wireless microphones (2)
  • Sennheiser wireless headset microphones (2)
  • Speaker stand (with gooseneck microphone)
  • Fiber optic internet connections
  • Versatile and adjustable lighting, including color lighting
  • Sound reproduction systems for speech and music ("record music")
  • Flipcharts (4)
  • Flagpoles (2)
  • Unique laser video/projection mapping video cannon system and smoke machine (at extra cost)
  • Turnkey streaming and video recording (additional cost)


Astoria hall capacity

In Astoria-Sal, you can elegantly organize events for 50-500 people, depending on the nature of the occasion and the furniture, and e.g. sit-down dinners for up to 250 people. The premises are always furnished and decorated according to the nature of each event and the number of people. Smaller events are also possible if you wish.


In addition to the main hall, the lobby rooms, bar, loft and Astoria cabinet and the so-called backstage room.


We will be happy to answer additional questions and tell you more about the hall's capacity!

Rows of chairs for approx. 50-400 persons

Dinner served at the table for approx. 50-250 persons

Buffet dinner for approx. 50-200 persons

Cocktail event for approx. 100-500 persons

Concert for approx. 50-400 persons

Breakfast seminar for approx. 50-350 persons

Seminars and concerts for up to 400 people

In Astoria, you organize efficient seminars and cozy concerts for a large number of guests. The mezzanine in the main hall comfortably provides additional space and has an unobstructed line of sight to the performance stage.

Dinners and annual parties with years of experience

Elegant dinners and annual parties are very successful in the wonderful main hall, where we can set long tables for up to 250 people.

Weddings and other family celebrations in Astoria

The wonderful Astoria hall is well suited for atmospheric wedding parties, and if you wish, the ceremony can also take place on site.

Effective meetings, exquisite evenings and family celebrations in the Astor cabinet

In Astor-Kabinet, you can hold effective meetings as well as dinner parties and family parties

Up to 60 people can dine at the tables, and the servings come directly from Astoria's own kitchen. The Astor-Cabinet is rented either together with the Astoria hall or separately as its own space. The space can also be combined with a spacious lobby, which functions versatilely and, for example, as a buffet area


Technical equipment in Astor Cabinet:

  • Video cannon
  • Sound reproduction
  • Flipchart
  • Fiber optic internet connection and adjustable lighting

Seats for approx. 5-60 persons

Dinner served at the table for approx. 5-60 persons

Buffet dinner for approx. 5-50 persons

Cocktail event for approx. 15-60 persons

Rows of chairs for max 80 persons

Coffee for approx. 5-60 persons